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Discover the Flavors of Morocco

Explore the culinary wonders of Schanti Oils International’s purest Argan oils. Elevate your cooking to new heights of flavor and health with our premium, organic oils.
Edible Argan With Salt

Argan oil has a subtle, toasted, creamy flavor that is somewhat similar to hazelnut oil. It can be used as a complement for any salad and as a finishing oil for any kind of stew!


Add a touch of luxury to your cooking with Schanti’s Premium Quality Argan Oil.


The fats and antioxidants in argan oil can help your body stay healthy. The high vitamin E concentration boosts your immune system and can help repair eye and skin cells.


Argan oil is a highly versatile culinary option, great for cooking, baking, marinating, and finishing. It can be drizzled over salads, vegetables, stews, eggs, or as a dip for bread.

Edible Argan Bread 2
Moroccan Dish
Butternut Squash

Also, keep an eye out for a very special new service coming soon: In-home cooking classes with Hassan himself! Hassan can personally come to your home and prepare delicious Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine to satisfy appetites, educate, and inspire you to achieve more in the kitchen.

Minimum party of 8 people.

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