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Organic Argan Bathroom

Our Story

True to his Moroccan heritage, Hassan Kaisoum, the founder of Schanti Oils International, embarked on a mission to share the treasures of Morocco with the world. Through his company, he collects and distributes the finest natural oils from the enchanting lands of Morocco to the growing market in the United States.

At Schanti Oils International, our focus is on two extraordinary oils that have captured the hearts of many: Argan and Prickly Pear oils. Known as the Tree of Life to the Berber people, the humble Argan tree holds a special place in Moroccan culture. Hassan works directly with family-run, organic farms and the Berber people to ensure that our Argan and Prickly Pear oils are of unparalleled quality.

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Not only do these oils boast incredible benefits for cooking, health & beauty, and equine and canine care, but they also serve a greater purpose. With every purchase, a percentage of the proceeds from oil sales goes towards funding Amis Des Écoles—an NGO dedicated to bringing education to rural communities in Morocco. Your support directly contributes to the realization of children’s dreams and helps build a brighter future.

Hassan Kaisoum’s commitment to giving back extends beyond borders. For over six years, he has supported Amis Des Écoles, ensuring that teachers’ salaries were paid even during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. In Charlottesville, he has made impactful contributions to the Emily Couric Cancer Center under the UVA Health System. Currently, he is actively involved in the new Albemarle campus of the Boys & Girls Club. Hassan is also a huge fan of Arsenal F.C. Soccer Club!

By choosing Schanti Oils International, you not only embrace the purest form of Argan and Prickly Pear oils but also become part of a compassionate journey that uplifts lives and communities. Join us in savoring the magic of Morocco and making a difference one drop at a time.

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